The Legend Of Nocona

The legend of the Mexican-Comanche Indian Nocona dates back almost 200 years.

During the bloody Texas-Indian Wars, Texas Rangers bragged that they had killed the notorious Nocona at the Battle of Pease River.

Oral traditions tell a different tale.

For capturing his wife and slaughtering his people, Nocona swore revenge.

Over the course of next several years, every Texas Ranger who participated in the battle found him in true to his word.

Legend has it, Nocona would suddenly appear out of thin air, gun down his prey in a hail of bullets and disappear across the Mexican border to toast their demise with a bottle of tequila.

Witnesses say whatever killed these Rangers was neither dead nor alive. 

To this day, descendants of the fallen Rangers swear the specter of a dead-eyed Nocona raids their dreams.     

Family Crafted

The history of the land and the families associated dates back just as far to the early 1860s. Our partner distillery still makes tequila the way it has since its very first bottle: from its own estate produced agave, small-batch handcrafted, distilled by a descendant of the family and with its own fresh ground water. 

As far as we know, with the current mass-produced tequila from the region, no one else can match either the family attention to detail or the "planted agave to tequila" in-house production Nocona Tequila can.

In fact, we can guarantee every single aspect of our "farm-to-bottle" (FTB Baby!) tequila is handled by a family member reaching back through history to the time of Nocona.